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Because i’m enjoying doing everyone elses of these I thought I’d do one while I wait for my dinner.

Nothing too extreme like some of the others that’s available, lol. Don’t use any presets and keep original skin, eye and hair colour.

If you want to do it search either paperfriendx or #paperfriendd to find her. Comment if you do make her over ^^

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And another one. Bob McNoob by TheWalkingJay on origin.

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Crumplebutt’s second ugly to beauty, Harriet Cole.

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And also tried to make Alistaire, gonna need alot of tweaking I think.

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I’ve been trying to make Jenny the founder of my Hornsby legacy and I just can’t seem to get her right I may need to pick different presets not sure. I do like how she’s turned out though.

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Simswhen’s Bobby.

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Thought i’d give crumplebutts Tori a go.

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All I can see when I look at this sim i’ve been messing around with is Tyler Hoechlin/Derek Hale, probably ‘cause i’ve just watched Teen Wolf so may just be me.

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Add my origin if you want, paperfriendx

On my tablet at minute and it won’t let me reblog the post with them all on for some reason :/